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Skærmtrolden Hugo is the first Hugo video game that was based on the original Eleva2ren TV show scenario and was developed and published by SilverRock Productions for the Amiga, Commodore 64 and PC DOS in 1990-1991. After Hugo received more minigames, this game became one of them, known as Labyrinth.


  • Executive producer: Ivan Sølvason
  • Producer: Jesper Nisted
  • Production: Ester Grønbech Jørgensen
  • PC program: Kaare Siesing
  • C64 program: Thomas Villadsen
  • Amiga program: Esben Krag Hansen
  • Lead graphics artist and animator: Niels Krogh Mortensen
  • Assistant graphics artist: Lars Krogh Mortensen
  • Music and sound effects: Morten Hansen
  • Music and sound effects C64: Jens-Christian Huus
  • Hugo's voice: Michael Brochdorf
  • Hugo rap: George Keller/Michael Brochdorf

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